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П.Г.Гайдуков, П.Д. Малыгин.
"Новоторжские монеты."

П.Г.Гайдуков, П.Д. Малыгин

Новоторжские монеты

Изд.: Нумизматика и эпиграфика. Т. XVIII. М.: Памятники исторической мысли, 2011. С.232-243: ил., табл. XXXVI.

P.G.Gaidukov, P.L.Malygin

Coins of Novyi Torg

This article is devoted to the study of coins from the town of Torzhok (Novyi Torg) situated in the southern part of the Novgorod Lands. In the 15th century it was one of the centres for the minting of Russian coins.
Coins from Novyi Torg are very rare. By the middle of 2010 the authors knew of only 20 Novyi Torg coins and in the main these were from museum and private collections.
There are no reliable data available so far for the establishment of precise dates for the manufacture of Novyi Torg coins: their date range can merely be given as the second quarter of the 15th century.


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